Only 44% of Major Hazards companies apply SIL !

Column November 2010

Only 44% of Major Hazards companies apply SIL !

The Dutch Labor Inspectorate performed an inspection of 58 Major Hazards companies . This was a follow up of the BP Texas City disaster. Recently, a report with the inspection results have been published. 17 Companies indicated to have experienced comparable (near) incident situations (overfill/ overpressure). The report is in Dutch (see below for download).   
The Labor Inspectorate (Major Hazards Control Unit) has a clear opinion about safety instrumentation. It is stated that the reliability of the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) needs to be evaluated against the risks of a failure, This is exactly the 'SIL concept'. It is added that using the SIL method is not obligatory, but the principle is. At least 5 companies need to do furher investigations to the reliability of the SIS. 

Do you know an alternative SIL method? I wish the companies which do not want to apply the SIL concept a lot of succes with the development of their own method.  Good tip: buy the IEC 61511 standard: ready! In addition: follow an SSC SIL training (same as the Labor Inspectiorate did!) and you can start to implement. Still questions? Download the a SSC SIL publication or call/ mail us....

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Labor Inspectorate Report: Eindrapport (Petro)Chemie 2009 Resultaten inspectieproject naar aanleiding van de BP Texas City ramp