First TRIPOD LEADER certificate

28 April 2010

First TRIPOD LEADER certificate

At 8 April 2010, Chris Pietersen handed over the first SSC ‘TRIPOD LEADER’ certificate. The first SSC certified TRIPOD LEADER is Jan ten Hove van AVEBE. Congratulations Jan!  We are sure that you will improve safety in AVEBE with leading TRIPOD studies and initiating implementation of organizational changes.

Jan ten Hove is an ‘Occupational Safety Specialist’ and coördinate the Safety Officers at AVEBE. Until March 2009, Jan was employed by the Dutch Labor Inspectorate ans an inspector for Major Hazard Control. Jan is graduated from the Master program at the Technical University of Delft.

An excellent background for knowing and using the value of a TRIPOD Analaysis. SSC organsied in-company TRIPOD training at AVEBE (also international). More people are following the SSC TRIPOD Coaching traject to become TRIPOD LEADER. 

SSC TRIPOD LEADER certificate :

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