About SSC

Who is Safety Solutions Consultants (SSC)?

Safety Solutions Consultants BV (SSC) is a Process Safety Consultant. SSC is a former TNO Company. The main focus is to advise the Process Industry about all aspects in relation to their installations and operations. It includes all important elements of Safety Management in a consistent, transparent and 'fit for purpose' way.

General Manager adn owner: Chris Pietersen. He has an experience of more than 30 eat in Process Safety. Click here for his CV.

Technical Safety: How safe is safe enough?

  • Qualitative Risk Evaluation e.g. by using Risk Graphs or- Matrices and LOPA
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) as also required by authorities (Location Specific Risk and Group Risk)
  • SIL Classification
  • SIL Verification

Organizational Safety:

  • The Tripod method for determining the Basic Risk Factors of an organization
  • Measuring effectiveness from audits and accident analysis studies
  • Organisational factors associated with Safety Management


  • SSC is a leading training Consultant in The Netherlands in the areas mentioned above.


Only 44% of Major Hazards companies apply SIL !

Column November 2010
Only 44% of Major Hazards companies apply SIL !

The Dutch Labor Inspectorate performed an inspection of 58 Major Hazards companies . This was a follow up of the BP Texas City disaster. Recently, a report with the inspection results have been p...

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