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25 years later

The two largest industrial disasters with hazardous material, 25 years later
The investigation and the facts, Lessons for Process Safety. Have we learnt the lessons?
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The study of the two largest industrial disasters by Chris Pietersen had a great international impact on Process Safety. He received the TNO Senior Research Fellow title for it. He is still active in Industrial Safety. As General Manager of Safety Solutions Consultants (SSC) he works with the industry to learn from incidents and to improve safety. He is also a member of the Dutch Hazardous Substances Council (AGS).

In this book:

  • The story of the investigation of the LPG disaster in Mexico City (500 dead) and the MIC toxic gas tragedy in Bhopal (more than 3,700 deaths), the difficult circumstances of the investigations and the results. Have we learnt any lessons?
  • Unique information like the original technical drawings of the Bhopal plant.
  • Information about LPG safety, also by description of other LPG disasters. Various explosions (BLEVEs) of LPG road tankers are discussed.
  • The underlying causes of the failure of safety management. The developments over 25 years are analyzed. The disasters of 1984, compared with more recent incidents, such as an explosion in a furnace (Geleen, the Netherlands, 2003), and the refinery disaster in Texas (USA) in 2005.
  • Land use planning policies failed dramatically in Mexico and Bhopal. The existing QRA-  policy in Europe for ‘safe distances’ around plants with hazardous substances will prevent large numbers of victims. However, the underlying causes of Mexico City and Bhopal are still present. 
  • Contemporary methods for process safety such as HAZOP, LOPA and SIL are described and elaborated through examples. This also applies for the Tripod incident analysis method.

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This book is also available in Dutch.

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