SSC "Safety Training Series"

SSC wants to share knowledge and experience with the people in industry that have to make it safe. The topics of the trainings / workshops are the same as the topics of SSC consultancy. That is a guarantee for a direct link with practical examples and experiences.

The training programs are continuously kept up to date and always contain practical exercises. Through the training calendar, you get an update on the course dates and course information.

Please note that at present, only a few times a year our training will be given in the English language.

In-house training
All our courses are also given in company. More and more companies are choosing this because it can provide great benefits:
• A group of people getting the same information simultaneously. This contributes to a harmonized approach and implementation of knowledge in the company after training.
• It allows to use and practice company related cases. SSC prepares exercises in consultation with the company.
• It also possible that SSC is involved in the implementation in the company. We often accompany the first studies in the company after the training and discuss.

Only 44% of Major Hazards companies apply SIL !

Column November 2010
Only 44% of Major Hazards companies apply SIL !

The Dutch Labor Inspectorate performed an inspection of 58 Major Hazards companies . This was a follow up of the BP Texas City disaster. Recently, a report with the inspection results have been p...

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