TRIPOD beta Incident Analysis: better learning from incidents.

TRIPOD beta service: use the extensive experience of SSC

The importance of thorough analysis of incidents and accidents is increasingly recognized.
There is a growing awareness that a good analysis of the underlying organizational issues of incidents is a condition for safe operation. For that purpose, the TRIPOD beta method is one of the best  methods. Read more about the TRIPOD beta method here.

SSC specializes in TRIPOD beta. We have arguably the greatest experience in the practical application of the method and the introduction of it in companies: better learning from incidents as part of the safety management system of a company.

Only 44% of Major Hazards companies apply SIL !

Column November 2010
Only 44% of Major Hazards companies apply SIL !

The Dutch Labor Inspectorate performed an inspection of 58 Major Hazards companies . This was a follow up of the BP Texas City disaster. Recently, a report with the inspection results have been p...

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