TR2 Tripod Tree - Web application software for incident analysis TRIPOD

In analyzing incidents with the Tripod method it is important that the quality of the analysis is not hindered by the instrument by which the Tripod Tree (interactively) is established. Experience learns that software such as Visio and PowerPoint are often used. However, these are not suitable for an interactive use in Tripod meetings. This hinders the quality of the analysis.

SSC therefore developed a web application for constructing Tripod Tree's. From now on, from any PC with Internet (or intranet connection) anywhere in the world, the  software can be used. The only requirement: a username and a password (license).
A description of the functionality of the software and the use of TR2 is included in the TR2 manual. Download this TR2 manual.

Free trial license
Ask for a free trial license. You will receive a username and password for use of TR2 during four weeks.

To buy a license for the software: go to our webshop
The login address for the TR2 software is :

Below an example of a simple Tree from TR2.

Only 44% of Major Hazards companies apply SIL !

Column November 2010
Only 44% of Major Hazards companies apply SIL !

The Dutch Labor Inspectorate performed an inspection of 58 Major Hazards companies . This was a follow up of the BP Texas City disaster. Recently, a report with the inspection results have been p...

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